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Jason Taylor is an application security expert and published author, responsible for application security for Arc XP - the Washington Post’s publishing platform.

As the Chief Technology Officer for Security Innovation he was responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s technology initiatives. He has spent his career focused on application development and testing with a primary focus on application security. Prior to joining Security Innovation, he served as a Test Architect, Development Manager, and Security Lead at Microsoft. He was on the Internet Explorer team starting with Internet Explorer 3 through Internet Explorer 6. He was also involved in various releases of Windows and worked on the precursor to the Windows Presentation Framework, code-named Avalon.

At Security Innovation he had the privilege of leading development teams, penetration test teams, and consulting teams working to improve the security practices and processes of customers ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. In addition, he has worked with the patterns & practices team at Microsoft as an external reviewer, contributor, and primary author for MSDN content and Microsoft Press published books. He has been a Microsoft patterns & practices Champion as well as a Microsoft Developer Security MVP.

Jason Taylor has also written two science fiction novels, Ganymede and End of the Wild, focused on the impact of technology on our shared future.

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