“Where to begin” is a common question we hear in security. Our clients will come to us and ask what they should do next in terms of security. What’s their next step. What will make the biggest impact, or what’s the best value for their investment.

As we kickoff this new newsletter and website I find myself asking the same question. Where to begin.

When I work with our clients my first questions we gravitate toward is to understand their goals. Goals for their Application Security Program, goals for this specific project, goals to understand what “secure” looks like for them, or goals for what software development looks like in the longer term.

If I start with goals I can set out some of my own goals for this project.

First and foremost I want this to be a valuable resource for security and technology news. I work with some of the best security engineers in the world and we frequently share the most interesting and pressing security and technology news. We have interesting conversations about the impact of security, privacy, and safety in the software field. Exposing those conversations to a broader audience, I hope, will provide some real value and insight. I also work with some incredibly diverse clients. Each person I speak with, no matter their role within their organization or the size or vertical of their organization gives me a greater understanding of the risks and challenges as well as the insights and solutions that are working for each. I’m excited to summarize and share those insights as well.

The theme and goal of this project is to help share information, provide perspective, and iterate on solutions as I see them. I hope you’ll find these insights useful and you will consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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