I really appreciate the efforts that Apple has made to protect the privacy of their users. In my mind this does two things. First, it offers a model of competition where other companies can see Apple’s success in protecting data while providing competing features. Second, it gives customers an option to “un-subsidize” the common advertising and data-as-currency model for cheap devices.

The problematic component of this means that we could end up with a two tier privacy model whereby an individual can maintain the privacy of their data and self only if they are able to pay for it. This means privacy is only accessible to well-off or well-educated individuals who have the means to control their data. This is problematic, to be sure, but it’s a step in the right direction and better than a world in which no-one has a choice about being tracked at all.

I’ve been particularly fascinated by how Apple was able to pull off the “Find My” service with essentially zero-knowledge. Read More on WIRED

Another nice privacy feature Apple unveiled is the Sign In with Apple which is another OAuth+ OIDC provider with the nice feature of an anonymous email relay added. This really minimizes the likelihood of stolen credentials. Read More on okta

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